​​​​The Art Of Spiritual Healing

Brenda Zyburt

The Journey of the Soul is one of the hardest aspects the soul is required to complete. Why? We have to reflect on all our actions, thoughts, energies and our past lives, we have to go deeper than we ever thought possible and then some more. It is a never ending task, years of self discipline and a hunger for truth and true knowledge, and this truth and knowledge are not from a book or man they are only learned with the Omni Presence.​

You will learn to love yourself and others, to not judge another person's journey or path as we all make our own choices. Spirit provides me pictures and they are to teach you to believe!

We need to step up and change the direction Earth is moving - fast!

We need to move into the a Love Vibration that will shift the planet!

Are you ready?

Brenda Zyburt Spiritual Omni Presence Truth And Awakening

Hugs & Blessings

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Brenda Zyburt Guide South MT

Only connect with the Omni Presence, never work though any person or energetic being, you can hear the voice of spirit and connect to the Universal Bank of Knowledge Infinite Consciousness. Tap into your natural truth of who you are. I never stop repeating, I do this all day, upon waken, walking, driving, while I sleep or when I connect with my cosmic higher self.

I am One with the Omni Presence,

I Am One with the All Knowing Infinite Consciousness,
I Am One with the Omni Presence,
I Am One with the All Knowing Infinite Consciousness, 

I am One with the Omni Presence,

I Am One with the All Knowing Infinite Consciousness.

Repeat many times and truly feel the connection with your higher self and the All Knowing Infinite Consciousness, the Omni Presence. It is very real and life changing it takes years, and a daily practice so have patients the journey of a spiritual warrior is a challenge, embrace your awakening and keep going never look back and always live and stay in the NOW.

Life really is an illusion, you are here to learn lessons that your soul needs to evolve so your mind needs to remove all prior teachings and to be open to transform when you are deep in meditation - work on what you choose to experience next, write it down and enjoy what is to come as you create the experience. When you are done send your Spiritual Team blessings of love for all the help, be thankful!

These next set of pictures are of one very special guide with me at South Mountain Park, Phoenix Arizona. This is one of my favorite places to walk, run and connect with the land of Mother Earth as there are main grid lines that run under the Mountain Rang and the energy is very strong. All of these pictures are in my new book and I go into detail of the meaning for each one.

On the pictures below, please click on the play button. If you do not see a play button you will need to up-date your web browser.

Sedona, Arizona Boynton Canyon. Wow – My Team!

These pictures are extremely amazing and very powerful I truly cry when I connect.

The love is so pure, one with the Omni Presence,
connected with my true spirit self and my Energetic Team.

This is who we are, not the physical body we walk around in or the name we have, or the job, the money we make or the house we live in or what material items we have. 

It is all about the journey of waken up, seeing you

for who you really are. walking your Spirit Path!

Truth and Awakening, the True Journey of a

Spiritual Warrior! 

Time to wake up Humanity!

To have a belief is to be locked in Mind Control, When we carry around a belief, We carry around baggage, An empty life with a separation from, The Omni Presence, The All Knowing Infinite Consciousness, One with the Cosmos, our true I Am Presence