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March 3rd and March 18 - April 8th, and April 28

​Jasmine Renee Abbott will be doing private readings with the paintings to help you on your Soul Path.

The Hippie Ghost Band addressed Ego and Spirit.

Beyond the Veil.

Learning 101 Beyond The Veil Law of Attraction and much more


Do you seek the Spirit Path?
Are you curious where to start?
Do you feel you have a mission but can't figure it out?

​Are you curious where to start?
Help is on the way through the Hippie Ghost Band Path.

Learn the Beyond the Veil's Law of Attraction, which these Hippies learned.

Jasmine Renee Abbott

Spirit Path Tarot Reader
Hippie Ghost Band

We cannot affect the negative that now occupies 92% of our world and is weaved into the fabric of the spirit realm’s 2nd and 3rd planes.

They are feeding off each other.

We cannot change this.

What I can offer, along with the spirits and other dimensions I work with is another way. Are you ready?

Jasmine Renee Abbott

Spirit Wind Speaker

Hippie Ghost Band

Email: jasminecrystal1@gmail.com


Personal Long distance Session, sessions are recorded and sent to you

Book your session today. Location Phoenix Arizona

PAY HERE $180. per hour 

To schedule your personal session, please email: Jasmine Renee Abbott at jasminecrystal1@gmail.com with desired date and time.

We will make every effort to accommodate your request. The fee is $225. We need to receive payment prior to your appointment. At the time we schedule your consultation we will provide you an Skype meeting notice or address to travel to. If you need to mail payment an address will be provided.

Jasmine Renee Abbott is the founder of Hippie Ghost Band.

She teaches Beyond the Veil Law of Attraction,

which was taught to her by the Hippie Ghost Band.

Jasmine Renee teaches also through the tarot

how to find your Spirit Path and what steps to first take.

Jasmine Renee’s, a professional reader for over forty years, who maintained her own private practice, as well as guest spots on A1-Psychic radio. 

She retired four years ago. Due to a Spirit group, Hippie Ghost Band’s intervention, she now is back to teach and help people to discover their spirit path and how to train one’s ego to work with the spirit path.

During this intervention, she was privy to learn the Beyond the Veil’s Law of Attraction, which she uses these methods in her Tarot Card Spirit Path Readings.

She offers another way to view your life, as she ushers the breath of hope, to those, who often have hit to many dead ends.

Jasmine’s expertise is her capability of communicating with your spirit.

It is through this, you will discover the areas in your life that cause you to self-sabotage in areas of relationship, job, money situations and other daily conditions.