​​​​The Art Of Spiritual Healing

Brenda Zyburt

About Brenda 

Brenda is an expert in spirit healing for the soul.  With over 30 years of experience, she loves working with her Spiritual Team.  She is a a conduit for Spirit to bring Universal Energies through for Healing of the Soul. She is a Sound Healer using her voice and with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ she is  a Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive helping people understand "The Way Of The Soul" and the amazing journey of self-discovery, self-truths, self-understanding, & resolving karma, assisting you in discovering that you are Creation. She is a Gifted Healer using Universal Energy to remove what no longer serves the soul, seeing the attachments.  Her spiritual team guides her.  

Brenda is an Spirit Painter her Art has created paintings, not of this world, showing the intense energy available to souls, these paintings are a “must see”.

she is a author of “Healing ~ I AM”, “Journey of the Soul” and “Welcome Home”.  

She has a Masters of Science degree major Global Business Management, has traveled the world. She loves to be outdoors, hiking, meditating, being in flowing water, skiing, camping and working with animals. She has three children and three grand children and three amazing dogs that are her best friends! 


Support your local Organic Farmers Market.

Grow your own food from Organic seeds, harvest your seeds. Every weekend I purchase for my family most of our food from our local Farmers Market there are a lot of vendors, organic grass feed beef, organic vegetables, organic herbs, organic tea’s, local honey. Our food is fresh from the fields touch by only a few people & no processing.

The Native American new how to live and love the land. Change the land you live on by planting trees, seeding organic foods, creating meditation gardens, flowing water, moving the energy in the correct positive direction. Plan your space to produce food for you and your family, apple trees, fig tree, peach trees, plum trees, orange trees, a lemon tree, pomegranate trees. For small spaces create a few raised garden beds then plant food with root vegetables. Maybe a wall garden (great usage of space vertical gardens) of greens, carrots, GMO – free and the seeds are normal, renewable for growth. We can harvest many seeds to share with others for trade of goods. We can teach each other to live in harmony as one with Mother Earth with love. Urban Farming is very rewarding and nourishing to our souls. We need to learn how to take care of ourselves and not rely on a big food grower that poisons our food supply. Buy local, buy organic food!​

Pet Food

buy food that is Organic, GMOs free and Grain free. I am a guardian of my animals and they only get the best food and health care. They take care of us with pure love, give back to them with the same love and care. I purchase organic grass feed beef liver and organic vegetables for my dogs then dehydrate for their snacks.

My wish is for people to take care of themselves, eat organic, live healthy lives and to understand what is happening around them and to our Earth. When we see what is happening and take action then our world changes for the better for all humanity! As you raise your frequency you change the frequencies of many people, the planet and animals. You are so very powerful, you are a spiritual being, please love yourself and all others!​

Living a healthy life Body, Mind and Soul, Physically and Mentally connecting with your Spiritual Team walking your Spirit Path. This is where you bring it all together, you understand the planet you live on and the toxic chemicals in all you eat, breathe and drink. Only you can change your life.

Changing the way you live, changing your life style and that of your animals to one of organic healthy products, free of chemicals, free of toxic waste, drinking pure healthy water and using personal chemical free dental & skin care items, with no heavy metals or GMOs. Cleaning your home environment with pure organic natural products, cleaning your cloths with no chemicals – it’s the whole package, not just one, eat organic and live in a toxic environment.

Make where you live Heaven on Earth, change the energy frequencies. I love my home and yard, it is full of life! Organic herbs, organic food, and we have many fruit trees. Just by using the frequency of LOVE you elevate all around you to a higher frequency.

This is a pure energy, interesting, amazing and wonderful to understand, receive and study.
It is time to understand what is happening around you and the Planet Earth you live on. Make a difference; let your voice be heard.

Love where you live, we actually do live in paradise, you need to see and respect the land, love the land and plant many, many trees to replace our fresh air they are trying to destroy. I love the desert land, the mountains, lakes and our blue sky. Feel the heartbeat of our Mother Earth, connect deeply and send as much love as you can to every living element of Earth.

About Brenda Zyburt