​​​​The Art Of Spiritual Healing

Brenda Zyburt

Dear friend,

A life well lived is a constantly evolving and often unpredictable journey. There are opportunities, challenges, and rewarding relationships along the way. In moments of deep reflection, we remember that we grow wiser as we travel - not because we find more answers, but because we invest in our selves and our spirit path, we love our selves and honor who we are and why we are here.

At the Art of Spiritual Healing we help you on your spirit path, with holistic & spiritual insight with the tools to assist. Spiritual Art Work, Spiritual Healing sessions, Crystal Tone Singing Bowls, Harmonic Sound Healing and so much more, enjoy!

Welcome to the Art of Spiritual Healing

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Welcome to The Art of Spiritual Healing

The Creation of Life how beautiful,

how fulfilling,
rewarding to behold,

the glory of thy self.
Our Spiritual Being as we our,
the spark of life that never ends but,
only evolves to higher depths of the soul’s evolution.

by Brenda Zyburt

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2081 W. Hwy 89A Sedona, AZ 86336

Where you can buy originals and prints in person

​Meet the Artist please join me

March 3rd and March 18 - April 8th, and April 28

​Jasmine Renee Abbott will be doing private readings with the paintings to help you on your Soul Path.